City of Blackfoot

White Paper

Subject: Pool Bond Election, May 16, 2017


Property Tax Impact

$100,000 Primary Home - $50.15 (after $50,000 homeowner's exemption)

$150,000 Primary Home - $75.23 (after $75,000 homeowner's exemption)

$200,000 Primary Home - $100.30 (after $100,000 homeowner's exemption)

$250,000 Primary Home - $150.45 (after max $100,000 homeowner's exemption)

$250,000 Business - $250.75

$500,000 Business - $501.50

* All calculations are based on the yearly amount.


Tax Levy Rate-0.00100298

Annual Tax per $100,000 of Taxable Value - $100.30

Annual Tax per $1 ,000 of Taxable Value - $1.00

City of Blackfoot Taxable Value - $349,252,927 (as of September 2016)


General Bond Information

Bond Length: 20 years

Average Annual Payment (Projected) - $350,295


Project Logic

The original pool design was good for 30-40 years. We are now in year 44. It has exceeded the design lifespan. If the bond is funded, the intent is to double the life span of the pool. At this point interest rates are increasing, which means the longer we wait to do the project the more expensive it will become.


History of the Pool

The City Pool was constructed in 1972 and opened in 1973. It sits on land that was originally part of a Land and Water Conservation Grant. Therefore, the land must be used for recreational purposes in perpetuity. This does not require a pool be maintained on the land. A pool in Nikiski, Alaska is almost identical to the Blackfoot pool and opened in the 70's has been renovated twice since initial construction. The City Pool has not receive any such renovations. Last year 276 children attended swim lesson and there were 34,894 visitors to the pool.


Possible Upgrades

The pool renovation will focus on structural safety, an infant/toddler area, water features for children, including waterfalls and fountains, and possibly a waterslide. Reconfiguring the pool shape to enhance lane efficiencies for swimmers would also be done.


What Does $5,000,000 Buy?




Aluminum Geodesic Dome (Sealant Replacement)

Steel Tension Ring (Remove Corrosion and Reinforce)

Vertical Steel Columns (Foundation Replacement not Included)

Concrete Pier Foundations (Support and Replacement)

Replacement of Dome Electrical Fixtures

Dome Mechanical System (New Outdoor System, Ground Mounted)

Polyurethane Foam Insulation (Removal and Replacement)

Dome Pool Storage Room (Demolition and Replacement)

Windows, Doors, and Frames (Removal and Replacement)

Basement Equipment Room (HV AC, Plumbing, Slab and Pedestals)

Entry Structure (Showers/Lockers, Lighting and Fans)

Pool Exterior Slab (Removal and Replacement)

PVC Pool Line (Pressure Test for Leaking Pipes)

Pool Shell (Visual Inspection of Aluminum Shell)

Gauges and Instrumentation (Flowmeter and Temperature Sensors)

Tum Over Rate (Higher Capacity Pump)

Surge Tank (10,000 Gallon Surge Tank)

Diving Board (Removal)

Inlet Locations (Requires New Pool Structure)

DE Filter Media Disposal (New High Rate Sand Filter)

ADA Accessibility (Pool and New Restroom Addition)

Chemical Injection Locations

Water Slides (Relocate)

Depth Markings (New Tile Markings)

Electrical Service and Grounding (Removal and Replacement)

Exterior, Exit, and Emergency Egress Lighting (LED)

New Fire and Sprinkler Alarm System

Outdoor Boiler Room (Enclose Boilers)




Infant/Toddler Area

Children's Waterfall Features

Pool Reconfiguration


See Powerpoint below to view pictures.

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