Commercial User

There are a wide variety of businesses in the City of Blackfoot. Each business contributes to the sewer flow in a different way. It is important for each business to be aware of their role in keeping our waterways clean and safe. Every discharger into the City of Blackfoot Sewer System must follow the general discharge standards. Click here for general discharge standards. Listed below are business categories of concern in the City of Blackfoot.

Restaurants/Food Service Establishments

Septage Haulers

Dental Offices

Car Washes

  1. Wastewater - Sewer

    Physical Address
    2025 Riverton Road
    Blackfoot, ID 83221

    Mailing Address

    Blackfoot, ID 83221

    Emergency Phone: 208-681-8643

  2. Moffat

    Rex Moffat

    Wastewater Superintendent

  3. Dewey

    Steven Dewey

    Operations Manager

  4. West

    Jeff West

    Collections Supervisor