Restricted Items

These are items that are not allowed on graves.
  • Glass
  • Toys (Unless they are secured to the headstone.)
  • Clothing
  • Age Restricted Items (Beer, Cigarettes, etc.)
  • Food or Drink Items
  • Solar Lights at Ground Level
  • Benches (Unless they are part of the headstone.)
  • Fencing of any kind.
  • Rock, Gravel, or other Landscaping Material
  • Pets

Allowable Items

These are items that are permitted as decoration on headstones.
  • Flowers
  • Shepherd's Hooks set to the sides of the headstone. Not in front or back.
  • Flower Boxes or Signs placed over the headstone. (Must be secured to the stone or concrete.)
  • Statues or Figurines placed on the base or top of the headstone.

Tips For Decorating

  • Keeping items away from the front and back of the headstone will help to minimize damages.
  • Do not leave items of sentimental or intrinsic value at the grave site.
  • Secure any items that are subject to being blown about by the wind.

The city cannot be held responsible for the safekeeping of items against vandalism or theft.


Grove City Cemetery has three cleanup times each year.

Memorial Day Cleanup - Monday Following Memorial Day

The memorial day cleanup typically lasts 1 week during which all items are subject to removal.

Spring Cleanup - 1st Week In April

During the spring cleanup all winter holiday and dilapidated decorations will be removed.

Fall Cleanup - 1st Week in October

During the fall cleanup all summer holiday and dilapidated decorations will be removed.

Funeral Flowers

Flowers from new burials will be removed after approximately one week.