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Posted on: March 21, 2019

Blackfoot to Participate in Community Review

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In March 2018, the City of Blackfoot applied to participate in a Community Review to be conducted jointly by the Idaho Rural partnership and other sponsoring agencies including the Idaho Department of Labor, the University of Idaho and other partners. The review involves three phases defined as ‘Listen’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Launch’. It is a strategic planning process conducted with local leaders, business owners and residents in order to identify shared goals, opportunities and challenges within the Blackfoot community.

We were notified in Fall 2018 that the City of Blackfoot was approved for a Community Review. City leaders had a kick-off meeting with the team from the Idaho Rural Partnership during the week of February 18th. At that time, it was determined that resident satisfaction surveys would be sent in early March and the multi-disciplinary team of economic development professionals would visit the City during the week of April 15th. During that week, they will conduct listening sessions with eight to ten groups, composed of approximately 12 participants each, including business owners, students and faith leaders in our Community. After this process, the Community will be provided with a readiness assessment that will identify up to three specific areas of focus.

Phase 2 of the process involves an expanded visit by the same team of economic development professionals who will conduct town hall meetings and participate in tours of our community. The ultimate goal is for the City, as part of Phase 3, is to implement recommendations identified and prioritized during the process.

We ask that our Citizens participate in the initial resident survey so that we are able to gain as much insight as possible into their satisfaction with our community. It is our hope that, through this process, the City of Blackfoot will reach agreement about community priorities and economic development opportunities, see more residents involved in community organizations and projects and improve community decision-making and leadership strategies.

The City is extremely pleased that we have been awarded the opportunity for a Community Review, and we join other Idaho cities including Ashton, Plummer, McCammon and Kimberly, in working with the Idaho Rural Partnership.

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