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File a Crime Report – File an Information or Documentation Only Report

  1. File a Crime Report – File an Information or Documentation Only Report
  2. To file your information or documentation only report, please provide as much information and detail as possible. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Incomplete reports will not be filed. If you have any questions, please contact the, please contact Blackfoot Police Department at 208-785-1234 to file report.
  3. The Blackfoot Police Department provides citizens the opportunity to file a crime report involving several different types of reports online. Below is a link to reporting form that you can submit to the Blackfoot Police Department. Online crime reports are NOT meant for emergency situations. If the crime you are reporting is currently taking place please call 911. If there is a known suspect please call to report it.
  4. Online reports are for documentation and insurance purposes with no suspects or any possible leads to solve the case. You will NOT be contacted by an officer for further investigation. If you have any questions, please contact the Blackfoot Police Department at 208-785-1235.
  5. Reporting Party
  6. (mm/dd/yyyy)
  7. Incident Information
  8. Please provide a description of the exact location where the incident occurred, being as specific as possible.
  9. Please provide a detailed description of the incident.
  10. Was a business involved?*
  11. Do you have any witnesses?*
  12. Do you have any suspects?*
  13. Did you suffer a monetary loss?*
  14. Do you have video surveillance of the incident?*
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